Chilean Blues – Update on the find at Coronel Manuel Rodriguez Mine

Late last year we reported on a new find of very fine large specimens of blödite & kröhnkite from Coronel Manuel Rodriguez Mine, Mejillones, Antofagasta Region, Chile.

This locality is an old open cast working for the extraction of copper set in an arid climate on the Mejillones peninsula. The locality is host to a number of sulphate and phosphate minerals including an exceptional recent find of destinezite. Kröhnkite has also been reported from there.

Several kröhnkite specimens have appeared here and elsewhere online, all showing excellent crystallisation, size and at least one with a trapped very dead scorpion.

The presence of the dead arachnid would indicate that the age of the material was comparatively recent, post mining or anthropogenic.

Further discloure on the locality has now been given and this is stated to be a small pond approximately 2.7km from the workings at Coronel Manuel Rodriguez Mine. By the accounts given the locality has now been “collected out”.

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